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Features of PE pipe extrusion die.


PE mold, PPR mold, PVC mold are the three most commonly used molds in various plastic pipe fittings. These three molds each have certain characteristics. Among them, PE mold, as a pipe fitting mold, has relatively stable physical properties, and the range of use will be relatively wider. PE mold has the following characteristics.

1: The pressure consumption is small, and the product output when the PE mold is used is relatively high.

2: The PE extruded mold can be used as the inner layer and the middle layer pipe, and can also be used as the outer layer pipe for production. It can also be used for pipes with different pressure requirements.

3: When the melt temperature of the pipe is reached, the PE extrusion die makes the flow rate of the melt reach the expected mechanical uniformity, which can achieve thermal uniformity.

4: The pipes directly used by PE extruded pipe fittings are various water supply pipes and gas pipes. The water pipes produced by PE molds have strong advantages in joints and connection performance. Because of their high mold efficiency, the relevant pipe prices lower, and the quality of the product is more reliable.

5: One model can realize the size control of multiple diameters, which can save the cost of production.

6: The PE mold can also use a heated constant temperature device in the design of caliber above 200. This constant temperature device mainly includes a mold temperature machine and a device for direct heating inside. This device can be used to produce the best appearance.

PE pipes have developed well in various pipes, and the sales of related PE molds have also increased significantly.