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What are the PVC molds?


1. Pipe fittings: PVC pipe fitting plastic mold, flexible pipe fitting mold, three-way pipe fitting mold, four-way pipe fitting mold, five-way pipe fitting mold, multi-way pipe fitting mold, bridge mold, water pipe pipe joint mold, pipe fitting plastic mold

2. Sports and medical products: treadmill mould, exercise bike mould, foot massager mould, massage hammer mould, foot bath mould, trouser belt mould, scooter mould, trampoline mould, leg machine mould, B ultrasound machine mould, Color Doppler molds, heart care molds, monitor molds, medical equipment molds and other plastic molds

3. Household daily necessities: foot cover mould, turnover box mould, storage box mould, folding stool mould, trash can mould, toilet mould, toilet lid mould, tray mould, food box mould, fresh-keeping box mould, plastic tray mould, Fruit tray mould, helmet mould, bottle cap mould, cosmetic plastic packaging box mould, paint bucket, plastic basket mould, turnover box mould, fruit box mould, meter box mould, plastic table and chair mould, plastic cup mould, plastic bucket mould, Good God mop mold, mop mold, western medicine bottle mold, transparent cup mold, transparent beer barrel mold, acrylic product mold, kitchen plastic mold, hanger mold, cool clothespin and other injection molds.